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The web shop for spare parts and accessories of your FERM machine. You can also download the manuals and watch the product video's on this website.

Where do I find the article number of the machine?

How does this website work
You can search for your machine with its related accessories, spare parts, manuals and product video's by navigating through the menu or by typing the article number of the machine in the search key.

Searching via the search key 
On the type plate on the machine you will find the article number (art.no. or art.nr.) of the machine.

  1. Fill in the article number (written together ex: MSM1036) in the search bar in the upper left.
  2. Press Enter and the search results will appear on the screen.
  3. Double click on the desired article. The spare parts list, accessories and manuals of your machine will appear on the screen.
  4. To find the correct spare part, you can download the exploded view or the manual.
    The spareparts on the exploded view are all numbered. These spare part numbers correspond with the numbers in the column Pos. (Position) in the spare parts list.

Can't find a spare part on the website? Then this spare part is no longer available.